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Sinai Skin is an ancient Egyptian Inspired Beauty Care brand inspired by the timeless wisdom of the Pharaohs. Sinai Skin unveils the ancient treasury of herbal knowledge—a repository of medical insights. Across the expanse of history, these cherished formulations have journeyed through generations within the indigenous communities of Egypt's iconic cities.

Luxor, Aswan, and Cairo—these historic landscapes serve as the cradle of our meticulously sourced botanicals, nurtured through organic cultivation. As the foundation for Sinai Skin's hair & skin products, these ingredients are sourced & find their roots directly in the heart of Egypt.

Egyptian Blue Lotus


Sailing along the banks of the River Nile is where our journey began. Our Nile Secrets signature collection draws inspiration from the sacred Egyptian Blue Lotus flower, which symbolizes rebirth and regeneration along the River Nile. Like the lotus flower that lowers and closes at dusk, submerges underwater, and rises at dawn, our skincare products offer a similar transformation for your skin.

The Blue Lotus is a natural relaxant, dispelling negativity, much like our skincare balances and hydrates your skin, preventing breakouts and reducing acne, dark spots, and scarring. Infused with our goddess ingredient, Rosehip, it leaves your skin nourished and glowing, just like the lotus at dawn.

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Nile Secrets Collection

Egyptian Black Cumin Seed

Pharaohs Collection

Our Pharaohs collection is inspired by the Egyptian Black Cumin Seed. Used for centuries by the kings & queens of ancient Egypt for its medicinal & wellness purposes. The most beautiful & alluring queens in history, Cleopatra & Nefertiti used the Black Cumin Seed in their bathing, skin & hair routines. 

Buried deep in King Tutankhamun’s tomb as a treasure, the Black Cumin Seed is known for its anti-inflammatory, unclogging & healing properties. A great choice for your overall beauty regime, infused with our golden ingredient of Jojoba oil, leaves your skin & hair smooth & replenished.

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Pharaohs Collection



Fascinated by her Egyptian heritage roots, London born founder visualised the potential of formulating pure natural products following Ancient Egyptian beauty remedies.

Desired to empower and instil confidence in women & men of all ages, skin tones and skin types. After intensive research to create effective products from authentic ingredients, Sinai Skin launched.

Our brand takes its name from the majestic Sinai Peninsula, a region rich with history and mystique, where countless generations have cherished the art of self-care. One of the most sacred locations in Egypt, Mount Sinai, grows rich scatterings of plants, found only in the Sinai Peninsula of Egypt.

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Sailing along the banks of the River Nile is where our journey began. For thousands of years, the sacred Blue Lotus Flower has been cultivated for its beauty and treasured benefits which led us to create cultural inspired beauty care.

As we delved deeper into the history of Egypt and the significance of the blue lotus, we uncovered its remarkable benefits for both skin and hair. The blue lotus, known as a symbol of rebirth and purity in ancient Egyptian culture, had been used for centuries to enhance beauty and well-being. Its extracts were revered for their calming properties, and they held the potential to rejuvenate and revitalise the skin, just as they had done for the ancient queens and pharaohs.

Natural Ingredients

Our Promise

We passionately create products that will complement and enhance your daily selfcare ritual and wellness. Our natural ingredients carefully picked and attained for sustainability and maximum effect are sourced directly from Egypt.

Our products are plant based, earth derived and always non-toxic. CPSR regulated, Cruelty Free, Sulfates and Parabens Free.

Pure & Ethical

Conscious Care Products

Sinai Skin is committed to offering products that align with ethical & health-conscious values. Our promise to deliver vegan, GMO-free, cruelty-free, sulfate-free, & paraben-free products reflects our dedication to providing you with choices that are not only good for you, but also sustainable, environmentally friendly, & respectful of both animals & your well-being.

Our natural ingredients carefully picked & attained for sustainability & maximum effect are sourced directly from Egypt. Our products are CPSR regulated, plant based, earth derived & always non-toxic.


Enrich your beauty-care journey

Sinai Skin invites you to embark on a journey of rediscovery, drawing from the timeless allure of ancient Egypt. Inspired by the hidden beauty insights, rituals, and wisdom of that era, we pay homage to traditions that have transcended time. Through a commitment to holistic self-care, we celebrate the beauty in simplicity, encouraging modern society to embrace the idea that beauty encompasses more than just skin-deep aesthetics.



Nile Secrets Collection

Lotus Glow Pair

Nurturing the body & Soul


In the realm of ancient Egypt, the practice of self-care transcended mere aesthetics. It stood as a cornerstone in the lives of both genders, embodying a sacred element of their holistic philosophy towards self and surroundings. These rituals carried profound social, spiritual, and ceremonial meanings, serving as a vibrant ode to life itself. Embark on your journey today!